Your ecologically reinvented business card, at the price of a coffee

100% paperless
100% always with you
0% ecological footprint
0% chance of transmitting infections


Easier & faster

Your design without the need for specialized pre-print procedures, paper selection, and color-proofing. Provide your employees with b-cards on their first working day!

Economical & eco-friendly

Price beats regular printed cards and allows you to change contact details without harming the environment. The b-cards are ready within seconds!

Convenient & impressive

Visually impressive while at the same time extremely easy to share with your new business partners. Never again face typos when entering printed b-card data in your computer.

Easily distributed

Centralized management panel allows for full control of the card generation and sharing process. All you and your employees need is a smartphone (iOS or Android) and an email-address.

Touchless exchange of details

Swap contact details without the physical contact associated with paper card exchange and reduce the risk of infection or disease transmission.

Never deal with printing again

qfecard is easier to design

Forget about having to select paper, finish, color-control the printing quality and deal with delivery delays. We know from experience how difficult it could be to get the paper cards consistently just right even if you are using the same supplier every time. With our new solution, this is no longer a problem, ever again.

Your digital business card from qfecard is easily customizable in accordance with your company identity. You can select a template from our library of carefully crafted business card designs and customize them with your company colors, logo and be able to pick a matching font from our extensive library of screen-friendly fonts.

Save money and the environment

qfecard is cheaper than regular business cards

Even if you print just 200 business cards per year, your digital business card from qfecard can still be cheaper than the paper alternative. You never run out of b-cards. Never again you will realize that you forgot your b-cards in the office.

By choosing qfecard you are preserving energy and valuable resources by eliminating all of the activities involved in producing paper, ink, printing, delivering and recycling regular paper-cards. Many paper cards are also laminated with non-eco-friendly varnishes or plastic layers which makes them impossible to recycle at the end of their life.

Switch to qfecard today and take advantage of the modern information technologies and help us phase-out the outdated and inefficient swapping of paper cards, which anyhow end up in the trash bin.

Convenient and impressive

qfecards are a great conversation starter

Your new card is always with you on your mobile device so you need not worry in which pocket you left your last batch of printed cards.

Impress your future business partners with your new virtual business card from qfecard. Using our stylish design templates and the one-click sharing functionality you are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with your new acquaintances.

Sharing your business card using your unique, digitized profile encoded as a QR code requires just one tap. Your full contact details become instantly available to the person who scans the code and they can add you to their contact list immediately. The code has been meticulously crafted to be compatible with both Android and iOS.

Easily create and distribute cards

Bulk import of data and individual QR code for every card

Our corporate qfecard allows you to use the existing control panel in your brand identity… and data is stored as you wish…

Our card control panel allows you to easily import tens or hundreds of your employee’s contact data by uploading them as a CSV file. You can then instantly generate and send the cards to each owner using bulk actions or with one click.

A business card can be hosted on more than one device in case a team lead or a business unit manager would like to share the details of their colleagues with others.
The link to the business card remains private and not indexable by search engines allowing the owner and manager of the business cards to control who gets to see their contact information.

Corporate clients

The HR and marketing departments of large companies can greatly reduce the amount of overhead for managing the business cards of their employees by opting for our tailor-made enterprise solutions by qfecard.

For our corporate clients, we can offer custom-designed card templates, with support for more than one template per company. The included card fields can also be extended or modified to ensure that they match the company mission, identity, and marketing goals.

In order to comply with even the most stringent of GDPR standards, we offer the option for the entire system to be hosted on premise at the client’s data centers, thus ensuring data privacy and monitoring. Contact us using the form on the right to let us know what are your requirements and we’ll swiftly get back to you with a quote.

  • Integration with your HR tools
  • Tailor-made card design
  • Custom functionality and fields
  • Self-hosted option (API)
  • Tailor-made packages