What is qfecard Agency?

Introducing "Agency" reseller model for QfeCard - a strategic move that can significantly expand your business reach and market penetration


Customize Designs

Qfecard boasts an ever-growing collection of customizable templates, complete with comprehensive design controls. Agencies can effortlessly tailor these templates to match their clients' specific branding requirements. This includes choosing from a variety of color schemes, fonts, and layout options, allowing for a high level of personalization. 

Each digital business card created is not only professional in appearance but also uniquely representative of the client's brand identity, making it a standout networking tool in the digital age.


Manage and Onboard Clients

With Qfecard, agencies can effectively manage end clients, providing a streamlined experience in overseeing digital business card needs. This feature allows for the efficient handling of client portfolios, enabling agencies to update, modify, or distribute digital business cards as needed. It's a practical tool for maintaining client relationships and ensuring their digital networking tools are always up-to-date and aligned with their current business objectives. 

This management capability is an essential aspect of the Qfecard offering, adding significant value to the services agencies can provide to their clients.


User Management

With Qfecard, agencies can expertly manage end client accounts, offering flexibility in access to the Qfecard management panel. Agencies can choose whether to give clients direct access to this panel or manage their digital business cards entirely on their behalf. This feature ensures agencies can provide a tailored service, from full management of client portfolios to empowering clients with self-management capabilities. 

It's a versatile tool that enhances the way agencies interact with and support their clients, ensuring their digital networking resources are always current and effectively aligned with their business strategies.


Usage Statistics

Monthly usage statistics enables agencies to view and track the monthly usage of digital business cards for each of their clients. This functionality is particularly beneficial for streamlining the billing process, as it provides clear, data-driven insights into how frequently each client utilizes their digital cards. By offering these detailed statistics, agencies can accurately invoice based on actual usage, ensuring a transparent and fair billing system.

This feature not only aids in administrative efficiency but also adds value to the services offered by providing measurable data on client engagement.

Perfect Match for Your Business

Embrace the qfecard “Agency” model, a versatile solution for businesses like print shops, marketing agencies, and beyond.
This digital business card innovation expands your service reach, catering to a market that values digital, eco-friendly options. It’s a strategic step for business modernization, offering growth opportunities, increased profits, and a competitive edge in various industries.

Agencies gain a cutting-edge tool for their portfolios, reinforcing their role as innovative leaders. qfecard isn’t just a technological leap—it’s a gateway to efficient, modern networking for any forward-thinking business.


Become a qfecard Agency

Your Path to Digital Business Solutions

Follow the four easy steps to become our partner


1 . Sign Up
Initial Registration: Begin by registering as a regular QfeCard client.

2 . Upgrade to Agency
Request Upgrade: Access the upgrade option in your product panel once logged in

3 . One-Time Setup Fee
Fee Details: A  €199 setup fee is applicable for the agency account upgrade

4 . Enjoy Discounted Billing
Monthly Billing: Get billed monthly based on the total number of cards under agency account. 
Pricing Tiers: Rates vary according to the pricing tier your agency qualifies for.

One-time signup fee €199

You will be billed monthly based on the highest number of active cards in your account each day of the previous month. Our system records the sum total of the number of employee entries across all of your clients daily, just after midnight. This process ensures that you’re only billed for cards actively used and not for any created, tested, and then deleted within the same day.

The cost per card varies depending on the pricing tier your account falls into. For more information please contact us below.

Click the button below to schedule a Calendly appointment for personalized pricing and tier information.

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