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Tailored design that matches your CI

Upon setup, your will be asked to provide some basic information about your company and if available, photos or scans of your existing business card design.

Our design team will then prepare a customized digital template so that you are ready to go as soon as the onboarding process is complete. Additional design revisions or modifications can be later ordered to match your preferences or changes in your visual identity.


Bulk import of employee data

Qfecard allows you to quickly and efficiently generate cards for all of your employees using the bulk import feature. Simply fill-out your employee information in the provided predefined template using Excel or Numbers and upload it as a .csv file to start the process. You can then use our system to automatically distribute each employee’s card via e-mail.


Manage multiple office locations

Our system allows you to maintain more then one office location to quickly and easily assign employees to the correct working place. You can have multiple departments across the same organization or separate locations across the globe. The address data is then automatically included in the employee contact information when they share their card.


Easy installation and setup

Qfecard does not require the installation of additional software or apps on the employee device. Opening a simple web link and two clicks are sufficient to set it up as an icon on the mobile device desktop. Thanks to our web-app technology the card remains available even when the employee offline or has poor network coverage.


Simple and transparent billing with volume discounts

You will be billed monthly based on the highest number of active cards in your account each day of the previous month. Our system records the number of employee entries in your profile daily, just after midnight. This process ensures that you're only billed for cards actively used and not for any created, tested, and then deleted within the same day. 

The cost per card varies depending on the pricing tier your account falls into. Please refer to the table below for tier-specific pricing details:

Pricing tier Price per card
T1 From 1 to 99 cards €2.00/card
T2 From 100 to 499 cards €1.90/card
T3 From 500 to 1 999 cards €1.80/card
T4 From 2 000 to 9 999 cards €1.70/card
T5 More than 10 000 cards €1.50/card

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